3 DIY Homemade Popsicle Recipes!


Cool off this summer by making these 2-ingredient fruit popsicles. These popsicles are not only delicious but also healthy with natural sugars. I personally love the berry parfait popsicle the most because it is a fun way to enjoy your breakfast all day long. If you’re craving a dairy-free option, I love the raspberry lemonade and kiwi popsicle. If you love tropical fruit, you can’t go wrong with sweet mangos! Choose your favorite fruits, yogurts, or fruit juices and have a popsicle making party this summer!

Berry Parfait Popsicles
– Berry Noosa Greek Yogurt
– Strawberry Vanilla Granola

Pink Lemonade Kiwi Popsicles
– Kiwi
– Simple Raspberry Pink Lemonade

Mango n’ Creme Popsicles
– Ripe mango
– Chobani Greek Yogurt

I met up with my food blogger friend Kelly from Asideofsweet to work on a YouTube Summer Treats collaboration. On her YouTube channel, she made a delicious Boozy Peach Sangria Popsicle, see it here. Watch our collaboration video to learn how you can win a $50 gift card to shop at Target to buy the ingredients to make your own popsicles.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. This was so fun! I can’t wait for our next collab! London edition? 🙂


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