5 DIY Gift Ideas for Holidays and Christmas 2017!

It’s the season of giving! Here are 5 affordable and easy DIY gift ideas for your friends, family, or loved ones. I was inspired by Anthropologie and Pinterest. I would love to personally receive any of these gifts!

DIY Materials:
[1:06] DIY Pom Pom Wall Art – Multi-colored yarn, scissors, glue, picture frame and card board.
[2:21] DIY Pom Pom Blanket Blanket – DIY pom poms, and fabric glue.
[3:27] DIY Christmas Holiday Advent Calendar – Shoe box, wrapping paper, 6 plastic cups, rubber bands, tissue paper, optional red bow and tiny gifts or treats.
[5:51] DIY Christmas Tea Tree – Wrapping paper, wrapping paper cardboard roll, glue, tape, tea bags, and ribbon.
[6:44] DIY Hot Cocoa Mason Jar – Mini marshmallow, hot cocoa mix, chocolates, Cookie’s n Creme Pocky Sticks, and washi tape.FashionbyAlly-DIY-Gift-Ideas4FashionbyAlly-DIY-Gift-Ideas2FashionbyAlly-DIY-Gift-Ideas6_MG_9091FashionbyAlly-DIY-Gift-Ideas3

Thank you for reading! What is on your holiday wish list?


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