DIY Breakfast Dessert Ideas

Here are a few easy ways to upgrade your breakfast from boring to Instagram worthy! These breakfast desserts are perfect for an upcoming wedding, baby shower, or a treat for yourself! I hope you enjoy these easy and affordable party foods. This is a collaboration with my favorite food blogger friend Kelly from AsideofSweet. Don’t forget to check out her amazing blog!

Kelly and I came up with 3 DIY colorful rainbow breakfast dessert ideas. IMG_8789DIY 1. Edible Flower Pantone Colored Donuts: perfect for a wedding or baby shower
Ingredients: Glaze: 1 cup powder sugar and 1 tbsp milk.
A dozen donuts, pink and blue food coloring, powder sugar, white and silver sprinkles, and edible flowers.IMG_8791
DIY 2. Ombre Powdered Sugar Donuts with Edible Flowers: See the tutorial here.
_MG_9772DIY 3. Fruity Pebble French Toast with Strawberries.
Ingredients: 2 slices of bread, 1/2 cup milk, pinch of cinnamon, vanilla extract, 1/4 cup fruity pebbles, strawberries, agave syrup and butter.

I also tested the Instagram Famous Rainbow Grilled Cheese recipe!
Watch the full tutorial on my YouTube Channel.

Thanks for reading!


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